Friday, 10 July 2009


On Tuesday night I went to Kentish Town (in the pouring rain and got soaked) and met my friend Pat in the Pineapple. She subtly pointed out Suggs from Madness sitting at the next table, which was quite giggle-worthy. Apparently it's his local!

China Miéville was doing a reading from The City & The City and beforehand Pat had a long chat with him and got him to doodle her an octopus which was pretty cool. I was all goofy and ridiculous as usual, although not as much as last time I met him. If I was a cartoon, I would've had hearts in my eyes.

The reading was fantastic - less than 20 people in the room, very casual, then a kind of 'Q&A' which was more of a conversation, really. I was too shy to say anything but lots of people asked questions and China answered them well and with wit and alacrity. He's so dreamy...

I wish I could've bought a copy of The City & The City but didn't have any money for it... oh, I can't wait to read it! Plus I've already got a signed copy of Iron Council so I guess that will have to do. And now, I have the above photo!!! All thanks to Pat, to whom I am eternally indebted.

My favourite China quotes of the night:

"There's a China Miéville fan community on LiveJournal??" (after Pat and I told how we met)

"Dude, if I wanted to say something about Israel, I would just say it! I wouldn't have to smuggle it in through a crime novel."

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